Emblem stamp belt bag
black emblem stamp belt bag
Money Junkies Emblem Stamp Belt Bag
Money Junkies Emblem Stamp Belt Bag

Money Junkies Apparel Emblem stamp Belt Bag

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Remember when fanny packs were cool? Then, remember when they were not cool? Well, times change and they are back in vogue now! Show off your slick sense of style with this sleek and modern pack, which will be not only a fashion statement, but a great place to hold things such as your phone! This isn't your grandparents (or even your parents) fanny pack! 

Money Junkies is perfect for those who are never afraid to put in the hard work. Money Junkies gritty and grinding dedication will be on display as they go through everything, from blood, sweat tears all with a sole purpose of achieving their accomplishments!

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