The California Quail & California Poppy Flower in Your Wardrobe

The California Quail & California Poppy Flower in Your Wardrobe

The California Quail and California Poppy have such significant meaning that the idea of spreading such a positive message comes into everyone's mind. Clothing is a necessity. At the same time, Fashion tells a lot about a person. If you believe that the beautiful message that California Quail and California Poppy symbolize is powerful and should be spread upon, why not do it with Fashion?

Money Junkies Apparel is here with its latest collection to show the best side of California through there clothing. Money Junkies has been making comfortable clothes for everyone, and now the new collection is leaving some speechless. 

 The beautiful California Quail and poppy design on the clothes is the latest hype, fashionable, and the fact that quail and poppy have such strong and positive symbolization makes it popular among everyone. 

This new collection from Money Junkies featuring the California Quail and Poppy is an accurate representation of California. We know you are tired of beaches, trees and grizzly bears, and California is so much more than that. Fashion is evolving, and every piece of clothing has a message. Every day you are out there representing yourself to the world. 

 Most people opt for clothing that reflects their personality. So, represent yourself with the best. Represent yourself with positivity, peace, and passion. Money Junkies California Quail and Poppy inspired collection is everything that Fashion needs now. Money Junkies uses its platform to represent the best of the Los Angeles and California. Fashion combines inspirational clothes with unique ideas that are elegant. 

The Money Junkies California Quail and Poppy-inspired collection include T-shirts, hoodies, and joggers. The t-shirts are made of 100% cotton providing utmost comfortability. The fabric is breathable and comes in sizes from small to 5XL.

The Money Junkies California Quail and California Poppy-inspired collection include comfortable and warm hoodies as well. The hoodies are made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The hoodies come in three beautiful colors, which are white, black, and navy. The beautiful color combination and design of the hoodies make it a must-have for everyone. 


The Monkey Junkies joggers are comfortable and reliable joggers. These joggers also come in three colors and a basic but beautiful design. The material is breathable and soft and perfect for everyday use. 



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